do you guys ever look at a little girl and say i like her

i do hehehe

yes i do look at little girls butts and say i like them

or just little girls in general only when im a little girl or boy on the inside ie age-trans

or trans-age if you will

but furthermore on to the topic

yes i believe little girls should be able to have sex with adults (regurdless of gender)and adults with little girls
and yes little girls should be able to have sex with adult women and women with little children girls
yes every sexuall orientation is allowed but every orientation has a line that devides the situation from abuse and not abuse
but all sexual orientations can have a non abusive area
even me i like a little abuse every now and then from adult women my age and even slightly older ladies if they are willing to bump into me on purpose so i could feel their vagina and boobs but that one about the older lady was more on the abusive side although i liked the attention even though it was abuse a few years ago in high school i was raped by a girl 1 year older than me and slightly stronger than me with a really nice body to say the least and it kinda made my day the only thing i did not like was that my teacher saw and was touching herself down there while watching O.O but i did like that i pre came in that girl we were both wearing thin clothes i think all i know is that something happened and well anyways on to the point i think that people should be free to love regaurdless of anything or i will get mad jk

oh and by the way remember that the author of these blogs and this one has a little head

people with little heads should be worshiped like in some societies long ago in ancient times and are the nazi persecuted jews of today also jews are the nazi persecuted jews of today

that is all see you

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