a person with a little head ‘s opinion

how come newsreporters only report on earthquaqes and not lost little cats anymore like they used to report on lost
little cats now they only report on earthquaqes and poice brutality and car chases and they all abused me
little girls want sex as well
and so do people with little heads
and they should be able to pimp or bring people to have sex with like ordering pizza
umm ???
cus president bush has some machine that causes earthquakes
and they watch us i know for a fact they doi saw my friend show me and who knows who else he showed but i do know i came

back after seeing it in the library and i saw it then left went around the library came back and he wasn’t there
or i saw him working on homework in an instant
they show little girls know our internet use sites we visit comments we make … everything
they see everything
and maybe back then there was their version of president bush with button to make earthquakes happen and it involved
lost little cats and goldstein and 1984 is our reality the whole world not just the us stupid
the world is rotten and retarded
proof:they imprison little girls for seeking out their natural desire of sex with men adults
and proof: this person (the writer, who has a little head)
for more reasons than you know
people with small heads should be warshiped
and jews are persecuted always know that(as in no matter what time you live in or where jews are persecuted for being jews lol)
they are indeed watching us quite literally as your brother with a so called “mental illness” says they are
no their not crazy yes they know its true somehow
weather they saw it with their own eyes like me or are just saying it its true your neighbors are watching you
little girls across town are spying on the porn sites you visit
i know that i have seen aliens inside glass space ships hover over my school yard while everyone was out and all the
children saw it i know what i have seen couple of ufo (glass circles teleporting and flashing red and vaporised and then
even the vapor dissapeared and the ship turned into nothing not even gas or powder, and then in an instant it came
back into existance through what looked like nanotechnological reconstruction of the ship and its controllers me and
some other person gangster across the street saw what we saw. and i know for a fact they are watching my house
the inside and hearing us and seeing our brain activity and god knows what else pressing buttons to do things to us
gas and talking to us using v2k and other methods only employed smart people would know how to build its not too
complicated their technology and everyone knowing this information cus they were shown and not telling us
and with this information i believe that targeted individuals and electronic harrassment as only the conspiracy theorists
on internet describe are in fact real
remember your brother with a so called “mental illness” really is telling the truth weather he knows it or not
i have seen it with my own eyes proof that all the other conspiracy theories could be in fact true
but those conspiracy theories are only the tip of the ice berge i tell you all
there are things like ee ti and watching peoples inside houses through sophisticated hidden cameras there are things
much bigger that some people know about
like they cloned hitler or revived him
and julius cesar and a couple of other famous people irv ruben they revived him
lots of other secrets
keep your eyes open
and your mind open
and your heart open to the persecuted jews of our time
for i tell you one more secret hitler is one of the most powerfull people they cloned
so just do everything against whatever he stood for
a fate far worst than death shall bestow upon them youll see
for the emperor
oblivion take you and them
and oblivion take you all

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